Challenge Coin Collector Information

The fire department has their own challenge coin or honor coin as some people call them.  The fire fighter challenge coins means a lot of things to different people.   The fire fighters themselves keep these coins with them at all times in most cases, as a symbol of honor and pride for what they do by risking their lives to help others.   Other people in the community hold on to fire fighter challenge coins as a token of pride for supporting their local fire department during a fund raiser.  To symbolize how they contributed to the safety of their community.   Fire fighters will often give a challenge coin to a member of the community who has gone above and beyond to serve his or her community.

One thing is certain, it is not by any means a small honor to receive a challenge coin from a fire department.   These are rare tokens and people collect these for generations, and pass them on to their children.   Often some of the most prized family heirlooms that a fire fighter or someone who has been honored by a fire fighter can collect.

From mayors, to governors to presidents many people have a fire fighter challenge coin in their challenge coin collection.

challenge coin collection in a display case

challenge coin collection in a display case


Bearers of challenge coins quickly realize their importance, and understand that they often recognize a difficult milestone in a distinguished career. We have the honor of supplying military coins to every branch of the U.S. Armed Services – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard as well as fire departments, law enforcement and a variety of private entities all over the world.



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